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Chase May 26 2002

Route:Amarillo (TX) - Hereford (TX) - Tulia (TX) - Caprock Canyons (TX) - Memphis (TX) - Dodson (TX)
Chasepartner(s):Harald Edens
Weatherdata:SPC Day 1 Outlook -- Radarloop US -- IR satellite image loop

On May 26 we chased a storm that formed over eastern New Mexico. Over the western Texas Panhanle it became an active line of storms. They were very high based, but that made the raincurtains wonderful to look at. Near Hereford we found the storm with lots of outflow dust in front of it. At the backside we found a couple of CG's.
We managed to get in front of the storms again near Tulia. We had a photography stop and saw a nice high based shelfcloud. This thing was very outflow dominated. It kicked up dust everywhere. Also there were a lot of CG's.
We continued east to be in front of the storm, but even with 70 mph it was hard. Sometimes the duststorm was so thick, visibility became less than 50m.
Near the OK-border, at sunset, we gave up and let the storm pass. A nice orange ball (the sun) was visible thru sand and rain.



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