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Chase June 25 2005

Route:Soest - Amersfoort

Friday evening I attended a pop-concert in the northeast of the country, but I knew there was a chance of thunderstorms during the night. So in the early night I decided to drive home and see what happens. I arrived in Soest at about 02.30 LT. At that moment active thunderstorms were present over the extreme southwest of the country, slowly heading north. A new line was forming over the province of Brabant. Reports mentioned almost continuously lightning of which many CG's. At about 3.30 LT I decided to go out and await the approaching storms. Standing in the field I saw lots of sheet lightning to my west and southwest. It was a nice atmosphere with frogs and birds making all kinds of sounds, while skies looked to be on fire. Photography was hard, as most of the CG's were too far away and all the other strikes were obscured by clouds.

After a while the storm looked to be less active and winds suddenly picked up. A real strong outflow passed my location with high winds! Then the storm intensified again, with lightning striking nearby. Unfortunately it started raining really soon and most strikes were too close for my camera to point in the right direction. So I missed most discharges and only got a few on film. But I did enjoy a nice thunderstorm at night, something I haven't been able to do for such a long time!


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