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Chase July 24 2003

Route:Soest - Lelystad - Almere Buiten

Dutch summer weather became more unsettled the last couple of days, but the real change came this day. A frontal occlusion crossed the country from west to east during the afternoon hours. Near this boundary a whole line of showers and thunderstorms formed.
Yesterday there were a couple of waterspout reports over Lake IJsselmeer, so I thought I should give it a try and head towards this large lake. I went to my favourite vantage point, on the dyke near Lelystad. Here I saw a prefrontal shower with a low base. Scud clouds went up into the base of this storm, producing funnellike shapes once in a while.
When this storm moved away, it became more active and started to produce rummbles of thunder. The base of the storm still was very turbulent, with many scud clouds below it. After the rain had stopped, it was no fun on the dyke, lots of mosquitos! Just before three o'clock the frontal line of storms moved in. Sometimes loud rummbles of thunder could be heard. The outflow was marked with an arcus cloud, some sort of shelf cloud. The precipitation shaft looked intense and visibilty became greatly reduced. Pretty soon I had to rush to my car, to avoid getting soaked.
I let the storm pass with heavy rain and some lightning. The best lightning I saw, was when it got dry again and pink anvil crawlers filled the sky. No real funnels unfortunately! I drove off and stopped near Almere for a last shot of the line of storms to the east.


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