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Chase June 24 2005

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Veluwe forest

Just one day after my long chase in northern France a storm formed nearly in my backyard. A weak convergence zone, combined with orography and plenty of daytime heating, resulted in convective development in the mortning hours. From my balcony I could see towers explode and as there hardly was any flow, these towers were nearly stationary. Entrainment of dry air did most towers evaporate, but one kept a rock solid appearance. This one was located to my southeast, probably near Leusden. After a while radar showed an echo with this cell, so a storm was born! In the early afternoon I drove towards the open field just west of Amersfoort and there the storm could be seen. Thunder could be heard almost continuously, but I haven't seen any discharges.

After a while the storm looked less active, so I drove off eastward. I couldn't find a good looking updraft anymore. While driving near the Veluwe I saw new updrafts to my east. As I had to be at my parents place later that day I decided to head northeast and await the storm that possibly was heading that way. But after a while it became clear this storm was stationary as well and no new storms formed for quite some while. I did see the orphan anvil passing the hometown of my parents later that day.


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