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Chase May 23 2002

Route:Amarillo (TX) - Woodward (OK) - Camp Houston (OK) - Slapout (OK) - Lipscomb (TX) - Canadian (TX) - Miami (TX)
Chasepartner(s):Harald Edens
Weatherdata:SPC Day 1 Outlook -- Radarloop Amarillo -- VIS satellite image

After a couple of days dominated by high pressure instability came back to the region. Storms should develop near the coldfront over northern Oklahoma. There was also a slight risk near the dryline in the Texas Panhandle, but the cap was strong here. We went towards Woodward, Oklahoma, but nothing happened. We heard via radio that storms WERE forming over the Texas Panhandle. Damn! We went west again and heard a tornado warning for the northeast TX Panhandle. There even was a brief touchdown! We penetrated the storm from the northside (not the best side!) and encountered heavy rain and lots of hail again. Arriving at the southside the storm died very quickly. A strange sight seeing a supercell die in front of you. All we saw was an orphan updraft (wall cloud?) and an anvil with mammatus.
Other storms were further west. Another supercell dropped a tornado near Borger, TX. We didn't manage to find that storm, but we found another one west of Canadian. A nice supercellstructure backlit by the orange sun. Mammatus was nice in the sunset, but we arrived too late to photograph the mammatus in red hues.
The rest of the evening we photographed lightning for hours. We found the most active storm near Miami, TX. This storm produced tennisballsize hail earlier, damaging lots of cars in Miami. Fortunately we only got the smaller stones. The lightning was amazing, striking only km's from us.

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