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Chase January 21 2005

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Soest

Today the center of an intense upper long-wave trough was placed over southern Scandinavia. As a result cold polar air west of this system moved in a southerly direction over the North Sea and into northwestern Europe. Many wintry showers formed over sea and moved ashore. As these showers often are quite photogenic, I decided to move into an open field for better view.
Soon I was threated by an approaching line of wintry showers. Some sort of shelf cloud was present and the dense precipitation shafts made it look very dramatic. At the backside of the storm bases were pretty low with some mammatus look-alike protrusions.
Behind this line of showers another system approached. From a distance the Cumulonimbus towers looked magnificent in the surrounding clear blue skies. Fortunately the first storm passed north of me and when the sun peeped thru the clouds a brilliant rainbow developed! It was a very stunning sight.

When all activity moved off in a southeasterly direction, I thought it was time to go home again. But my car didn't start! I had the wipers on and off during the showers, the alarm lights on, the air blower on max at some times, and now it looked my battery had died! Oh no! I was in the middle of nowhere and had no cell phone with me. I decided to walk to a nearby farm, so they could phone AAA for me. Fortunately there were people home and they were kind enough to make a call.
I walked back to the car and waited and waited. At some point I decided to try the car again, by shutting everything off that used energy. And it worked! Thank God, I was able to drive home again...


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