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Chase June 18 2002

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Apeldoorn - Soest
Weatherdata:Radarloop -- VIS satellite image

A very warm day in The Netherlands. For the second day in a row temperatures reached 30°C or more. In the late afternoon a coldfront approached the dutch coast with lots of thunderstorms. Earlier a convergence zone passed the country and this one caused great storms over western Germany. Due to lack of time this evening, I wasn't able to go all the way to Germany, but storms sure were going crazy overthere!
At 18 LT I positioned myself for a couple of approaching prefrontal storms in Soest. I saw three storms over the western and southern horizon, coming my way fast. Once every 2 minutes orange and purple colored CG's showed up, causing nice thunders.
Behind the first raincurtains I saw a small whale's mouth. In the east I saw towers firing up at an amazing speed. I could see them evolving in real time. It looked like flanking line towers penetrating the anvil. Above my head I saw vague mammatus clouds.
I decided to chase the towers and headed east. It were flanking line towers indeed, but due to the roadnetwork I couldn't get close to them. Near Apeldoorn I turned around, but I before that I made some shots of another storm in the east.
Heading west I encountered new storms pretty soon. This was the original cold front I guess. The storms were high based producing long CG-channels. Above the ground there were many scud clouds rising up in to the stormbase. When I looked over my shoulder (while driving my car) I saw something like a funnel cloud! There was also a kind of tailcloud towards the precipitation core. It looked very suspicious, but I can't confirm any real funnels as I had to concentrate on the road (dutch highways are always crowded).



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