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Chase January 18 2005

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Soest

The first chase of the year for me usually concerns chasing line convection in a deep maritime polar airmass. No exception this year! This day a longwave upper trough sank down over Europe and a deeply unstable airmass flowed out over northwestern Europe.
During the early afternoon I drove out into the open fields as an active complex of wintry showers passed the southern half of The Netherlands from west of east at that point. Unfortunately it was mainly overcast, so contrast was rather poor, but on the western horizon a low cloudbase and fallstreaks of wintry precipitation were visible. Pretty soon it became evident that the line of showers/storms was marked by a low hanging arcus cloud/ shelf cloud at the front side. The progression of this feature was not that fast, so I could shoot quite a lot of pictures. UNFORTUNATELY I FORGOT TO CHECK MY CAMERA AS IT WAS STILL SET AT ISO 800!!! How could I be this stupid?! The shelf looked really great, for a storm system in January that is. But the pictures now look grainy and way too dark :(
Well, better luck next chase! The precipitation of this system was a mixture of rain/graupel (soft hail) and some sleet.


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