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Chase September 15 2000

Route:Soest - Hoornaar - Utrecht - Lelystad - Kampen - Spier
Chasepartner(s):Herman Harperink and Floris Bijlsma

In the early evening Floris and Herman arrived at my place in Soest. At that moment some active (thunder)storms were located above Belgium and the southwest of The Netherlands. We stopped in a pasture near the village of Hoornaar and watched a storm getting closer. Soon after that, the precipitation and lightning striking at 3 kilometers from our position moved us back inside the car. Most lightning strikes were very brightly purple coloured. After 15 minutes or so it got a little bit dryer so we tried to take some more pictures. But soon the rain intensified again and we got soaking wet. Later on we arrived at the IJselmeerdyke near the city of Lelystad, but the lightning activity was quite low.
After 20 minutes lightning activity in the south was suddenly growing rapidly. We tried to take pictures but it was very difficult. Some close strikes forced us back into the car again. We moved further northeast. Near Swifterbant it got dry for a moment and we used this to shoot pictures of a magnificent lightning show. Ten minutes later it started to rain again and we drove further northeast. The sky was lighted constantly by strikes hitting everywhere.
At a certain moment there was a discarge at about 100 meters in front of our car! It freaked the hell out of us!We proceeded our chase and passed the city of Hoogeveen. Lightning was still very close.
We were just driving away when the thunder of a very close strike shaked the car! Near a small village called Spier, behind the storm, we took some nice pictures of the backside of the storm. At about 4:00 AM we decided to go home, because the lightning activity was ceasing. A very succesfull chase indeed!



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