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Chase May 13 2003

Route:Amarillo (TX) - Lake Skipout (OK) - Wheeler (TX) - Childress (TX) - Chillicothe (TX)
Chasepartner(s):Saskia Mulder

After a couple of down days in the TX Panhandle, this day provided a slim chance of storms forming near the dry line. SPC issued a slight risk area over the eastern Panhandle, NW Texas and western Oklahoma. We left in the early afternoon and headed east. We thought is was a good idea to visit a wild life area, so we went to the Black Kettle National Grasslands in western Oklahoma. We saw some nice creatures there like snakes, turtles, birds and squirrels. After about 1.5 hours we decided to head west again, as we couldn't receive anything on our weather radio. We tried Wheeler, but nothing their either. Suddenly we saw a couple of storms forming to our south, so we headed south on US 83. The first storm we encountered died before our eyes, but the southern one looked more stable. We went to Childress and headed east on US 287. We closed in on the storm, but it showed strong signs of weakening. Was this storm dying as well? It sure looked so, the updraft was hardly visible anymore, so we called it a day and headed west again. We came thru Childress again and went north on US 83 hoping to see new storms forming. When we looked over our shoulder our storm was reorganizing at a tremendous speed. It looked like a supercell now with a huge backshearing anvil and a solid updraft. What the ****???!! What should we do now? The storm had already been moving further southeast, so maybe it wasn't possible to get to it now. We gave it a try and crossed Childress, AGAIN. The storms still looked great. Often an overshooting top was present above the storm, indicating a very strong updraft. We went east on US 287 till we came to Chillicothe. As dusk was approaching, we gave up the idea we could make it to the storm before dark. We went south on a farm road and made some shots of the great looking storm. With the naked eye we could see the updraft towers grow.
After a few minutes the moon was visible above the anvil cloud. A cool sight! Unfortunately we were too far away to witness a mammatus spectacle, but the storm still looked great in the setting sun.


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