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Chase September 12 1998

Route:Wageningen - Den Helder - Den Oever
Chasepartner(s):Oscar van der Velde and Floris Bijlsma

There was a slim chance that waterspouts should form near the northwest coast of Holland. In the moist polar airmass many showers formed and we took public transport for our chase to Den Helder. When we arrived at the coast we immediately spotted nice showers over the North Sea.
Sometimes the storms formed small lowerings and when we walked into a dune area we spotted a small funnel cloud far away. It's hardly visible on the picture below.
After a while convection died as an inversion formed in the mid levels of the atmosphere. We did see some nice cloud formations.
We were informed by Meteo Consult to go further east, towards Lake IJsselmeer. So we had to take the bus again and went to the Den Oever area, near the Afsluitdijk. This is a large dyke that sepparates Lake IJsselmeer from the Waddensea. There we did see an active shower, but not much more than that.
The chase was ok, but not very spectacular. We did learn that chasing by public transport is not recommended!


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