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Chase May 10 2002

Route:Amarillo (TX) - Plainview (TX) - Floydada (TX) - Matador(TX)
Chasepartner(s):Harald Edens
Weatherdata:SPC Day 1 Outlook -- Radar TX -- IR satellite image

We left Amarillo and went south at the beginning of the evening. North of Plainview we saw convection firing up just north of Lubbock. There were about 3 towers building at an amazing speed. We searched a vantage point and ended up between Plainview and Aiken. Once out of the car we started shooting pictures. One cell was huge, not forming an anvil at all. So every now and then pileus clouds formed on top of the towers. The setting sun set the whole cell on fire. An amazing sight!
Once dark we chased this storm eastward. Just west of Floydada we encoutered fog. It was hailfog! The whole surrounding was filled with a thick layer of hail. Some stones measured 1.5 to 2 inch in diameter. While standing in the fog we heared the tornadosirens of Floydada. Very spooky!
We went further east, but near Matador the storm died on us. Again no lightning photography.

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