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Chase July 9 2002

Route:Soest - Almere - Zeewolde - Soest
Weatherdata:Radarloop -- VIS satellite image -- Lightning data

As I was having night shifts, I wasn't planning to chase any storms today. But looking at the radarimages, the storms looked very seducing. At 17 LT I left Soest and soon I saw a line of storms to the west with an occasional lightning strike. I went north and near Almere West I left the highway. I found a vantage point and photographed the main storm to my southwest. It showed a nice lowering! Unfortunately it started to rain, so I headed east again.
Driving in the direction of Zeewolde I closed in on the lowering, which appeared to be a huge and beautiful shelf cloud! A traffic accident at a crossing in Zeewolde caused a roadblock and I got stuck in traffic. Here the shelf cloud with gust front passed. The air was filled with airborne debris, sand, stones and leaves. It looked great, but unfortunately I had to wait for the road to clear. After a few minutes I was chasing again, but I had to drive thru the town of Zeewolde. I didn't know the roadnetwork there and I got lost for a short time. A cloudburst and heavy winds made it very hard to find a suitable road. Streets even got flooded!
I didn't manage to get in front of the storm again. As I drove back I saw a couple of snapped and bent trees. On the highway to Soest I saw another line of storms, but nothing real severe. It was a nice chase!


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