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Chase September 8 2003

Route:Soest - Lelystad- Markerwaarddijk - Enkhuizen - Schellinkhout - Oosterleek - Soest

The last couple of days there were many reports of land- and waterspouts. This day provided another slim chance, as showers formed near a weak disturbance over the province of Noord Holland. At first I drove towards Lelystad and the Markerwaarddyke. There, I saw a shower building over western Flevoland. Also I saw towers to my west, near Noord Holland. I decided to chase the latter and drove to Enkhuizen. From there on I went south over the narrow dyke near Lake Markermeer. There were a couple of showers present, often with a low stormbase. The visibilty was quite poor, due to a high humidity. The winds were calm, so the conditions for spoutdevelopment were not far from perfect.
I chased about four storms in Noord Holland, but I haven't seen any spouts. After about two hours I headed back home, but near Soest I saw another nice looking storm. It showed a large anvil with a turbulent cloudmass, probably mammatus clouds. So I went to a vantage point for some shots. Ofcourse, the storm died before my eyes.
Again, no spouts for me, but there was a report of two waterspouts near Den Helder.


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