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Chase June 7 1999


While I was listening to my favourite radiostation, Kink FM, I heard the DJ mentioning lightning and something like pulling out the plugs. What? Did I hear that right? The DJ was located in Hilversum, about 20 km to the west of Wageningen. I rushed to the balcony and pretty soon I witnessed some nice CG discharges over the "Utrechtse Heuvelrug". Suddenly I saw a shelf cloud forming at the base of the storm. Wow! It all happenned pretty fast and I used my Minolta pocket camera to shoot some panorama shots.
The shelf had a horse shoe shape and was very well developed. The storm passed to the north of Wageningen, so I witnessed the spectacle from a sideview. When I was in front of this storm it would have a made a far greater impression on me I guess.
Near the shelf cloud nice CG lightningstrikes were showing up about once every 3 minutes, peeking at 3 discharges per minute. When the storm was near the city of Ede it lost much of the beauty of the shelf cloud.
I haven't heard any reports of severe weather caused by this storm, but the lightning and especially the shelf cloud were fabulous to look at.


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