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Chase July 4 2005


An area of low pressure moved north over the North Sea, just west of the Dutch shoreline. During the night an active convective complex hit southwest Holland, resulting in flash floods and many lightning strikes. During the day the storms went on, resulting in local 100 mm precipitation. As I had night shifts I wasn't able to chase, but I did see some nice phenomena. Between 05.00 and 06.30 LT I saw several roll clouds passing my location, ejected from the storms in the west. No precipitation was falling when the roll clouds passed.
Later that morning and afternoon a cold front moved north over the Netherlands, resulting in linear convection. At noon a squall line feature passed my home with a turbulent shelf cloud, heavy rain and gusty winds! I shot a couple of pictures from my balcony.

Wind gusts increased up to 45-50 kts in northern parts of the country. There were several wind damage and tornado reports, but only one was likely to be rotating winds. In Bovenkarspel trees were uprooted and roofs were damaged.


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