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Chase June 4 2003

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Harderwijk - Dronten - Kampen - Nijkerk - Zeewolde

This day provided a nice setup for a possible severe weather outbreak. Very moist and warm air, a trough and a jetstreak were present. During the late afternoon storms popped up over central parts over the country and slowly moved NNE. I targeted a storm that moved from Amersfoort to the Veluwe forest. Unfortunately I got stuck in traffic, so the storm moved further away from me. The storm looked spectacular in the clear blue skies surrounding it. A hard strong updraft was present and I heard reports of about 2" hail over the Veluwe. I didn't manage to get in front of the storm, as there was just too much traffic. I tried to avoid the forest and traffic by taking a route thru Flevoland, but the storm moved way too fast. This storm probably was a supercell, as people saw inflow tails and a possible wall cloud.
I turned around just south of Zwolle and headed south again. Looking back I saw a new storm developing, probably triggered by the outflow of the first cell. Should I turn around again? No! To the south new storms quickly formed and organized in a line. Looking to the southwest I saw a great shelf cloud. I headed west, trying to get in front of that part of the storm. So I went to Flevoland again, but this line was fast moving. I stopped somewhere where I had a view and saw the squall line advance with great progress. The shelf cloud got bigger and almost the whole line of storms got some sort of shelf in front of it. To my east the shelf looked very agressive and low based. Scud clouds were sucked up in to the shelf at an amazing speed. Just to my south a small roll cloud started to form. It actually rolled thru the air. Rummbles of thunder could be heard constantly, but most discharges were IC. When the shelf passed the wind picked up and it started to rain. Intense rain! For only a short time a cloudburst reduced visibility to about 100m. After about 15 minutes it got dry and the sun was shining again. A nice rainbow was clearly visible.
A great chase with some interesting storm structures. Too bad traffic wasn't cooperating, but that is chasing in Holland...


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