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Chase August 2-3 2001

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Zwolle - Nieuwleusen
Chasepartner(s):Harald Edens

This day promissed to be a great day for serious thunderstorms. Harald Edens and I met in Soest for a chase. At the beginning of the evening active storms rolled in from France. At 22.30 we noticed sheet lightning in Soest, so it was time to chase. We ended up in Nieuwleusen, in the northeast. One of the first strikes was very intense! Soon many close strikes would appear in front of our camera's. We were standing underneath some large trees, not the savest place to be in a storm. The view over the meadows was great. Unfortunately we couldn't aim at something, because strikes were showing up everywhere.
Soon it started raining and the windgusts became quite strong. We seeked shelter in my car, while CG's struck everywhere. Many within 100 m, causing explosive thunders and sissing sounds. My camera was still outside! The black spots are raindrops on the lens. I also used a digital camcorder. This one was provided with a rain jacket, so it was still running. Strikes were mainly showing up at the other side of our car now. Harald was lucky to use his camcorder in the car. He even saw bead lightning! Due to heavy rainfall rainfog formed, giving the scene a very sinister look.
The storm moved further north, but soon lost activity.



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