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Chase July 1 2003

Route:Soest - Almere - Lelystad - Dronten - Kampen - Ens - Vollenhove - Steenwijk - Soest - Apeldoorn - Holten

With a southwesterly flow, very unstable polar air was advected over Western Europe. A couple of troughs and daytime heating provided enough triggering for storm development.
In the early afternoon I headed north towards the province of Flevoland. Here I find the best chase territory near my hometown; a good roadnetwork and not many trees. Storms were already present to the south and these were moving mainly northeast. Near Almere I found a storm and I tried to get in front of it by driving towards Lelystad. There I waited near Lake IJsselmeer, but the storm seemed to be passing me to the east. So I got in my car again and headed east. Near Swifterbant I drove into the precipitation core. There I encountered very intense rain. Near Dronten I got at the other side of the storm (a core punch is not that dangerous with these type of storms) and searched for a place for photography. To the north and west the massive rain was visible. The storm had a very low base and many scud clouds were present, often being sucked up into the updraft of the storm. It looked like some sort of rear flank downdraft was forming to my west and southwest, while near the updraft it was mainly dry.
Pretty soon I noticed that a lowering was organizing at the base of the storm! It looked like a wall cloud, but I didn't see any clear rotation. Once in a while bright white CG's struck between the wall cloud and the downdraft. When I turned around I saw a very odd scud cloud. It was vertical, pretty long in size and it rotated slowly! It took a funnel shape while it came closer and it kept on rotating, very slow though. I don't think it was an actual funnel cloud myself, but it sure looked like one! After a couple of minutes the funnel shaped scud lost it's structure and pretty soon after that the storm got undercut with outflow. I couldn't find the wall cloud anymore as a wall of rain moved in from the west. So I went east again to get out of the rain and decided to head northwest in Kampen to look for the updraft. Soon I drove into intense rain! Also, there were pretty nasty wind gusts that made the car shake.
Near Vollenhove I took another break, but the storm seemed to be picking up speed at this point. Lightning became more frequent, with some close CG's near my car. When I found a dry spot and got out of the car I heard many rumbles of thunder, mainly from lightning in the anvil of the storm. I chased the storm for another half hour or so, but it wasn't that photogenic anymore. Near Steenwijk I did see a nice whale's mouth, but I couldn't get close enough for great detail.
So I returned home to eat pizza. I checked out the radar images and saw that many more storms were present over Holland. At about 19 LT I went out again to chase a line of storms to the southeast. Just when I left Soest I saw a nice tower going up. I drove further east, but convection seemed to die all around me. The only interesting weather were the orphan anvils with vague mammatus clouds. Ah well, it was a nice day anyway!


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