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Chase June 1 2001

Route:Edmond (OK) - Wichita (KS) - South Central Kansas - Dallas (TX)
Chasepartner(s):Herman Harperink, Harald Edens and Floris Bijlsma

The last chase oppertunity in the US this year. A moderate risk area in Kansas was the place to be. North of Wichita we spotted a storm with a nice wall cloud. The wall cloud was growing rapidly, but still showed little rotation. The wall cloud began to lower significantly. Suddenly we heard the tornadosirens of a nearby town. It was all very spooky! To the right of the wall cloud some CG's showed up and the wall cloud kept on growing. Wow what a beauty! It never produced a tornado though. A few minutes later the wall cloud dissipated.
We followed a nearby storm that also produced a nice lowering, but no funnels. Lots of chasers around here.
Then, we found another storm with a spectacular wall cloud! Again no funnels formed in this storm, so we went on to the next one. Storms were popping up everywehere and gave a stunning sight from a distance. We ended up in south central Kansas. Here we tried to get in front of an active storm which produced a great shelf cloud. But it was fast moving and we weren't able to get in front of it. It passed with gusty winds and peasize hail.
In the clear air cumulus clouds tried to grow rapidly, but it was almost evening and new storms didn't form. We enjoyed the sunset and afterwards drove to the DFW-area, where we spent the last couple of days of our trip.


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