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Welcome to my site about weather photography and storm chasing.
On this site one can see pictures of many kinds of weather, mostly in the Netherlands, but also from chase adventures abroad.

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Photo of the Month: February 2009

Photo of the month: Snow covering the road.
Snow remains on the ground until it melts or sublimates. In colder climates, this results in snow lying on the ground all winter. When the snow does not all melt in the summer it becomes a glacier. Substantial snowfall can disrupt public infrastructure and services, slowing human activity even in regions that are accustomed to such weather. Air and ground transport may be greatly inhibited or shut down entirely. Populations living in snow-prone areas have developed various ways to travel across the snow, such as skis, snowshoes, and sleds pulled by horses, dogs, or other animals and later, snowmobiles. Basic utilities such as electricity, telephone lines, and gas supply can also fail. In addition, snow can make roads much harder to travel and vehicles attempting to use them can easily become stuck. The combined effects can lead to a "snow day" on which gatherings such as school, work, or church are officially canceled. In areas that normally have very little or no snow, a snow day may occur when there is only light accumulation or even the threat of snowfall, since those areas are unprepared to handle any amount of snow.
Photographed on February 3 in Soest.

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